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Another issue with sharrows and the VC approach generally, is scaleability. Sharrows "work" today, because there are not that many people on bikes and those who pick a route without seg infra are more likely to be faster riders. Imagine that instead of 2% mode share (5% in the District I guess) we had 10 to 20% mode share - but still lots of motor vehicle traffic. And that a large proportion of that 20% were children, elderly, people pulling trailers, etc. The conflicts with motor vehicle traffic would create issues - in some places worse than the conflicts created by seg infra.
Increasing bike mode share, even with sharrows, tends to slow down traffic a lot. Look at Union St in Alexandria or Beach Dr in MD on the weekends as good examples where cars tend to drive slow due to the large volume of activity occurring on the road; though there's plenty of unsafe actions at the low speeds.

20% bike share on the roads would completely change how drivers behave. The risks of hitting someone would too high to risk driving fast.