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Thread: Arlington's Flex Post Maintenance Season is Almost Here!

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    Default Arlington's Flex Post Maintenance Season is Almost Here!

    As you may have noticed, some of Arlington’s hard-working flex posts have fallen in their defense of bike lanes. The best way to honor their sacrifice is by getting the County to repair or replace them.

    Think of flex post maintenance season as sort of the anti-Freezing Saddles. As Arlington DES explains, “Sad but true - flex post replacements are generally only done in spring and summer - paving season - because of the abuse and tougher adhesion that comes with fall and winter.”

    Given the shorter maintenance window, we owe our county the opportunity to get every damaged or missing flex post on the list for some warm weather love.

    How can I help, you may ask? I’m sure you will be delighted to discover that Arlington has both an app for that or you can do it online at the County's Report a Problem website. Just go to and pick “Parking or Traffic Sign Damaged or Missing” and then select “In-street Bollard Damaged/Missing” You can download the app from that site as well.

    If we all help the County, they will be able to maximize their efforts during the abbreviated flex post maintenance season.

    Let them know now! Operators are standing by!
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    Just don’t tell Steve O.

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    Thank you for the reminder! Filed a ticket for 2 Quincy bikelane posts.


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