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Thread: Non DOD Fed ID enough to ride across Fort Belvoir?

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    Post ride report

    1. Ride to Mount Vernon was a little faster, and felt much easier, than last time I did it. Yay for tailwinds.

    2. I thought the part from Mt Vernon estate to Gristmill Park would be the easy part. Given the choice of sharrows on a one lane each direction road for some distance, into a strong headwind, I wimped out and took the side path/trail. Which was good in a few parts, and truly terrible in some parts. In fairness, FFX is a huge county and has about a zillion such trails that could use upgrades (or even just some maintenance)

    3. Turns out Washington's gristmill is NOT at Gristmill Park. Ok.

    4. From the park, I took Old Mill to Cooper. Pretty comfortable

    5. I was pleasantly surprised to find a traffic signal at Rte 1, to get into the shopping center on the other side. I had feared the Rte 1 crossing, but it was easy.

    6. Rode up Sacramento - not bad, but really FFX County, 30MPH limit on a narrow street of nothing but residences (albeit THs and apts)? Then the side path on Pole to Jeff Todd. Side path on Jeff Todd (which was an excellent shared use trail/path, new and wide). There was an incident on Jeff Todd, fortunately before I got there - some driver coming around the bend had gone completely across the MUP into the ditch. The trail was covered by tow trucks. MPs and their cars. I very politely asked the MP how to proceed, and he guided me around the mess.

    7. I decided to head towards Beulah, where I have biked before, rather than Hayfield. Looking up the hill on Telegraph I again wimped out and chose the side path rather than the in street bike lane. It was fine. I went into Wegmans for a break

    8. Who knew there was live music at Wegmans?

    9. Kingstowne is such a mixed bag. Besides their old network of wide sidepaths, a bunch of new bike lanes (I liked the lanes on Kingstowne Village Parkway very much) and better connectivity among the quiet streets than in most of southern Fairfax. But lots of places where, say, accessing a side path from a quiet street is impossible because of the absence of a curb cut or the presence of a median.

    10. Rather than ride on Franconia, I took back streets to Ridgeview and went across on that. The little Radburn trail (IE a trail connection between cul de sacs) connecting Ridgeview to Upland, was (like quite a few such) not at all designed with bikes in mind

    11. Someday I want to corner with enough confidence to actually ride down from the Gates of Mordor

    12. Back to BPAC land. Here we have again the problem Emm mentioned relative to Mount Vernon Avenue - the natural way for a vehicular rider to go, is technically illegal

    13. It must have been a while since I rode on Eisenhower from the Gates, intending to use the Holmes Run Trail underpass to get across Eisenhower. I was quickly reminded that no curb cuts give access to the trail from the general travel lanes of Eisenhower, so one must make an unsignalized vehicular left. Fortunately traffic was light, and I turned at the Cameron Run Waterpark.

    14. I got to take the detour in Dora Kelly Park, and see the erosion undermining the trail. Very impressive - if you haven't seen it, you should. To Nadine, I am sorry I misspoke the other day - there is still one "wet crossing" on HRT in Alexandria - though it is currently not useable, as its on the closed trail section.

    15 Rest of the ride was uneventful.
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