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Thread: Bike Unfriendly Curb Cut on Walter Reed Project

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    Quote Originally Posted by zsionakides View Post
    I agree, and Walter Reed is probably the worst of the W&OD intersections in Arlington. Knowing there are cyclists going through there helps while driving, but the bad sightlines plus lack of a dedicated left turn signal greatly increase the dangers for everyone at the intersection.

    Probably the 2nd best thing they could do at Walter Reed (best is build an overpass) would be to shift the path back from 4MR to be closer to 4MR Minor and stop southbound Walter Reed traffic at 4MR minor instead of 4MR. This would give turning traffic more visibility into bikes and pedestrians crossing, particularly since there aren't dedicated turn signals for left turns off 4MR.
    This is essentially the design at George Mason, which works better than Walter Reed, IMO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Emm View Post
    Nope. I waiting on red to turn left, got a green light, turned left asap, and walk signal was red. So unless it was a 5 second long walk/count down signal, it never turned.
    I ran through the intersection on the WOD this morning and purposely didnít push the beg button. The hand stayed red the whole time that 4MR had the green light.

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