Many of you knew Chris Maimone (CPTJohnC on the forum) and know that he recently passed away. He and I weren't close, but he was the kind of guy you met once and considered a friend. Instantly likeable, and just pleasant to be around. He was my BAFS team captain one year, and I would see him now and then at forum get-togethers.

He liked to give out prizes to people who weren't likely to get prizes and would often email hozn and I, asking for odd data dumps to choose a winner. One of these was the Least Variance prize, given to the rider whose daily mileage changed the least over the course of the contest. This is an excerpt from the email he wrote:
What I'm trying to eliminate are:
  • People who only/mostly rode sleaze
  • People only participated a few days
  • People who gave up
  • People who are riding BIG miles (and will therefore be likely to get other prizes)
I'm going to be awarding this prize this year in Chris's honor. He embodied a lot of the best parts of BAFS, and I know I'm not the only one here who misses him.