Blue Jacket ride on Sunday February 3

The plan:

1. Meet at the Bladensburg Marina gazebo (the one at the top of the hill after you cross over the bridge) at 11am
2. Bike the Anacostia River Trail to the Navy Yard and get lunch at Blue Jacket (
3. Bike back north to Maryland via the ART (ride organizers Rumipumi and Historygeek live in Hyattsville so we are heading home). We might head to college park to buy things at the new Proteus if you are especially hungry for additional miles/points on Sunday.

What should I bring? Bring a lock and credit card/cash, and an ID if you plan to order beer. A metro farecard in case the weather turns unexpectedly and you decide to bail.

Can I join up later/in DC? If you are from DC or VA, you can meet up with us for lunch at Blue Jacket at around 12:15 or so, and then just bike up the ART to Maryland with us after lunch if you want.

Contact: Rumi: <-- hit me up via fb messenger.