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Thread: Cars going off GW Parkway between North Boundary Channel and Trollheim

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    Quote Originally Posted by bentbike33 View Post
    Yes, GWMP is far too dangerous for cars. They clearly need to be banned. Let cyclists have the Parkway, and pedestrians the MVT.
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    [cross posting the main contents]
    At 7:15 am today, there were two cars that had left the GW parkway between trollheim and boundary channel (it happened before then, but not likely too long before). I am not sure what happened. One had travelled across the trail and was in the trees and shrubs. The other was on the trail with tow cables. Not sure if both went off at once or if one was getting ready to be pulled up when the other went over or was it being towed, broke loose and ended up on the trail. Police were present and one tow truck. And the car traffic was backing up quickly.

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