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Thread: Pointless Prize: Keeping it 100

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    For folks who weren't able to attend last night (or were too busy catching up with folks to listen) - here's the prepared version of my remarks last night w/the prize winners.

    I also sponsored the "Keeping it 100" prize this year, in honor of the rule change capping the miles each week that would count towards the team score.

    I've a total of three prizes to give out. The first is to Adam Bibler on Team 7, who - out of the more than quarter of us who rode every day, rode the most miles over Freezing Saddles (866) without exceeding the cap once in any given week.

    On the other end of the spectrum: ignoring the last two-day mini-week, a total of 18 people contributed the maximum number of points to their teams by riding every day and hitting 100 miles each week. Of those 18, Brad H (also on Team 7) rode the fewest miles - only 64 over the cap (less than 6 per week).

    11 of those 18 were able to ride at least 100 miles over the last two days of Freezing Saddles. Out of those 11, Maedi C (ALSO on Team 7 - I'm sensing a theme here) managed to exceed 100 miles each and every week with less than 70 miles not counting for her team. In addition to the thematically appropriate candy prize, she also wins this 100 Yen coin (with Cherry Blossoms on the face).

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    Hey, sorry I couldn't make the HH, but happy to see I actually won a major award! Thanks for sponsoring LhasaCM. As I said in another thread, the cap actually made me ride farther than I otherwise would have, so when I hit 100 each week, I was pretty well toast. Congrats to my No Name Team 7 teammates as well!
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