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Thread: FS 2019 Kid-Related Pointless Prizes

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    Default FS 2019 Kid-Related Pointless Prizes

    As noted elsewhere, I will be sponsoring "several" pointless prizes tied to riding bicycles with kids during Freezing Saddles. TL;DR version: same rules as FS2018 overall, but the combined prize is simpler.

    The hashtags to use and when to use them are:

    #kidical – this is the long-standing FS definition of riding your bike with one or more kids “attached” to your bike. This could be a trailer, cargo bike, kids seat on the front or back, or trailercycle. Leaderboard is based on total miles ridden. (

    #withkid – this is meant to capture those rides and miles where you are riding with one or more kids detached from you (i.e., they are on their own bikes). Leaderboard is based on total miles ridden. (

    Note: there is a related but completely separate Kid Leaderboard prize being sponsored by jrenaut. See for those instructions. Short version: to participate in both, append the kid's 'codename' to the #withkid hashtag. (At least I think that's how it'll work.)

    There also will be a combined prize to reward those who have a good mix of both. 1/14 edit - new scoring this year - it will be the total number of miles ridden, provided you've ridden "both ways". Leaderboard is at

    Now, for some FAQ-style info:
    Q: Does it have to be my kid?
    A: No.

    Q: Really?!?
    A: Yes, really. However, you should have permission to take the kid(s) with you.

    Q: Any age limits?
    A: Yes…let’s keep it to kids 14yo or younger (for the kid part.)

    Q: What about my dog?
    A: No for #kidical. Yes for #withkid but only if the dog is riding his/her own bike (see for that ruling).

    Q: Wait. Is it #withkid or #withkids?
    A: #withkid. No 's'.

    Q: What if my kid's social media codename is 's'?
    A: Then fine, YOU can use #withkids to play in the associated reindeer game (again, see But the preference is to use longer codenames to prevent overlap, so please don't.

    Q: I sometimes ride with a kid on the back and alongside another kid. Which hashtag do I choose?
    A: Both! And if you stopped for coffee or beer and were rocking your sock game while riding gravel – use all of the appropriate hashtags.

    Q: Won’t that mean I’ll get double credit in the combined competition?
    A: What - you expect - the tech team to comb through the data to ensure that each ride is only counted once? (Yes, yes I do)

    Q: What if I ride with two kids on the back of a cargo bike uphill in the snow?
    A: Just single credit for a #kidical ride. And a tip of the chapeau, and whatever the opposite of envy is.

    Q: What if I just happen to ride alongside a random kid one afternoon on the MBT? Does that count?
    A: No. To harken back to middle school relationship terminology: you were with them but not really "with" them.

    Q: What do I do if only part of my ride applies?
    A: Just end the ride on your GPS-enabled device when your status changes or otherwise split your ride and tag appropriately.

    Q: Won’t this fill up my friends' Strava feeds?
    A: Yep. I am sure everyone LOVES seeing my regular 0.9 mile “Pickup” rides each day.

    Q: This is too complicated. I don’t want to play.
    A: Everyone is welcome, and I’d hate for people to feel that way, but as awesome-ish as they are, the small prizes aren’t worth any sort of angst.

    Q: I have another question.
    A: Then please ask it below.
    Last edited by LhasaCM; 03-04-2019 at 06:55 PM. Reason: new kidsathlon rules!

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    Your summary of my prize is correct. Longer codenames than "s" are preferred just to prevent overlap.

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    Default 3/4/2019 Update

    Less than two weeks to go in this year's Freezing Saddles and: the more things change, the more they stay the same. Though the numbers are different than last year (I think I broke M in taking her out to the HP100 -- ever since she's been less willing to go on weekend rides with me), the top name on each leaderboard corresponds to how FS2018 ended up. The only wrinkle is that Jon's declared himself ineligible to win the kidsathlon again, so we will have a new winner there, guaranteed (though the "my prize, my rules" premise applies, it is trumped by "don't argue with those who maintain the website").

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    For those who were unable to attend last night (or were too busy catching up with folks to listen) - here are my prepared remarks and winners of the three kid-related prizes I sponsored.

    For the kid-related prizes: though the numbers were quite different, the names at the tops of the leaderboards were the same as last year.

    * We had the most #kidical miles (since someone doesn't like riding her own bike - can't say I blame her; I'd love for someone to pull me around each day)
    * Jon Levine had the most #withkid miles
    * Jon Renaut had the most combined miles, but declared himself ineligible to repeat as champion. Since one of the primary rules I've learned about Freezing Saddles is "don't argue with the tech people" - the prize goes instead to Barb.


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