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Thread: Possible Pointless prize? The Road goes ever on and on...

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    Default Possible Pointless prize? The Road goes ever on and on...

    Quote Originally Posted by AliasXIII View Post
    Interesting thoughts. I kinda like the idea of most Strava segments. Or maybe even most Strava segments ridden once, and only once, to really prompt wandering all over creation? That's super easy to game, though... Not sure I'm looking for Calvinball.

    My idea (which apparently wasn't totally clear) is maybe better expressed as the rider who covers the most ground? Or the most miles ridden during FS, but only the first time you ride that ride counts? Or the rider with the most evenly lit most sprawling heatmap; instead of just a few bright very well worth paths.

    I want a prize for exploring, and wandering, and new things, and not just riding your same habits.

    I was (and still am!) wondering if there's a way to quantify this.

    Or, I guess, given the hugely high stakes involved, I could just eyeball it?
    Give a prize to the rider whose heatmap looks to me like they wandered hither-and-yon the most?
    Basically youíre suggesting a prize for the broadest contiguous strava heat map, I think.

    EDIT: Iím pretty sure that prize existed in a previous year.
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