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Thread: Advice Needed: Bike Case for Air Travel

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    When my son went to college in Chicago, a folding Dahon (poor man's Brompton) traveled free on Southwest; with the seat and pedals removed/ enclosed in package, it squeaked in under the size for a checked bag. I simply wrapped it with a bit of mover's wrap.
    There isn't a place on this planet that doesn't have bicycles. I'd just buy a cheap used bike at your destination, and give it away to someone deserving when you depart. If it isn't up to the standards of the bike at home, that's part of the travel experience. Enjoy the the Harrison Bergeron effect of riding a crap bike; just don't let on to the Handicapper General what you're up to (Kurt Vonnegut fans know what I'm talking about). If I had an exotic, god-status bike It would surely get damaged in transit or stolen upon arrival.

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    "The challenge I need to sort out is whether I'm in a position to "invest" (ie: spend more than $500) or just need something that will fit my specs (small enough to sneak into Brazil in a suitcase) and call it a day."

    I found my Bike Friday Pocket Companion for $300 on Craigslist in Arlington VA, within walking distance of the East Falls Church metro station ;-)

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