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Thread: Trails, Jumps, and Riders in DC Area

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    +1 -- sounds like a great location. I'd definitely use it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dasgeh View Post
    We're pretty close to there and would take our kids there ALL.THE.TIME. This is a great idea.

    Arlington pleads poverty at the moment -- any change MORE or another outside group could help with things like a feasibility study?
    The great part about this land is that the county has performed the legwork, including blueprint proposals and past surveys with conclusions, they just know it's a problem spot and want SOMEONE to take stewardship. I don't see why this should be a dollars-and-cents issue because most often the funding comes AFTER mountain bikers build something and use is demonstrated to the town. All we really need is for the town to tell us "Between A and B is an acceptable location for you to build any terrain features you see fit if first approved by X accordance with Y standards." <- ie I think it is best we be given land and an approved process rather than a top-down dictation that would limit the project's potential.

    I believe we discussed at the meeting that in terms of feasibility there is the example on Bentonville, AR where they will support city planners of other cities to learn the impacts from such a project, and in their case argued revenues in the $Hundreds of Millions. (there are even bike-friendly hotels listed!)

    Initial actions: I think the likely nexus of players in discussion will be MORE, Arlington County Board, Bentonville, and WABA due to proximity to existing commuter routes. I believe MORE should be able to obtain a template feasibility study from Bentonville and amend certain portions to fit Arlington's resources. Another potential avenue is to start the social media buzz and begin fundraising for the effort if the county is amiable to it. What do you think? Can MORE support?

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