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Thread: Should I change my name?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nadine View Post
    How about Clydesdale?
    Or Clyde S. Dale.

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    Jumping on the bandwagon too!

    First, yours is a great story. Itís inspiring and I applaud your efforts and success.

    Second, BMI is but one tool in assessing weight and fitness. Taken alone without regard to other factors is asinine and poor medicine. More than a few very fit but stockier military personnel have been adjudged as not meeting the PT standards because of BMI. For me (definitely not very fit or military), while I have no argument that Iím overweight, Iím classified as obese by those stupid charts. Thatís BS as I sit here with a resting heart rate of 58, BP of 110/70, normal A1C, and low total cholesterol. Fat: yes; obese: no. So donít let that simplistic, back of the envelope calculation be anything more than an indicator of overall health and fitness. OK, rant over.

    And to answer your actual question, you can have the admins change your forum name while maintaining the same account you already have. Send a message to Henry or Erin and they can make that happen.

    Again, congrats on your accomplishments.

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    Jumping in as well. Good on you for taking on the challenge of changing your health and fitness. Its not easy, even for those of us who are slimmer... the motivation stay fit, eat healthy, and look to the future is a challenge for most. Time, circumstance, life... all impact how hard or easy it is for each of us.

    As for your name... I think you are the best judge of whether you should or not. Maybe you wear it as a badge of pride reminding you of where you started and where that bike took you. Just own. Or, change to something you feel better about. The same motivated, positive individual will be there regardless.


    JG (who's neither Spanish or made of Gortex)

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