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Thread: Let's talk about e scooters

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    Quote Originally Posted by TwoWheelsDC View Post
    I seem to remember reading an article a few weeks ago that judged e-bikeshares were ultimately the fastest, followed by e-scooters (I may have that was close either way, and now I can't find the article). I haven't tried a scooter yet (personally I would get on a Jump or CaBi+ before a e-scooter), but my understanding is that scooters are not suited to going up hills of any kind. So around downtown they may be okay, but if you're going up to Columbia Heights or something, you'll want to grab a Jump or CaBi+.
    I believe that, but I still feel that a scooter is "fast enough" for cruising around between transport stops without a helmet etc. And it's only a matter of time before there are stronger motors, etc. Conceptually the scooter makes more sense to me for short trips from pretty much every angle other than "hauling capacity".

    I'd always rather ride *my* bike. But I think I'd rather use an e-scooter than a cabi if I'm just looking for convenient short-trip transportation.

    It'll be interesting to see how it plays out.

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    On scooters, it seems like they are less stable, particularly at speed, and less able to carry stuff than bikes. But they take up less space and they are easier to get on and off than bikes. I don't think e-assist fundamentally changes those facts, they just make it easier to go faster on either a scooter or a bike.

    Given that, I think some people will prefer bikes, and others will prefer scooters. For the rest - people who are fine with either - scooters are probably better for shorter trips (particularly because they are slower), bikes for longer.

    Also, early adopters of anything are going to be less risk adverse than the general population. Plus, the first few times anyone uses anything, they're going to make mistakes/misjudge/etc. Finally, new stuff generally seems weird and stands out to most people. So, I'm not at all surprised that the average person sees people using scooters now as not well-behaved. I imagine that the scooter-ers take risks more than most and that they misjudge how fast they can go in new situations. Also, an adult riding a scooter sticks out to the average person more than other things. And some people are just jerks. But I rather have those jerks on scooters than in a car. We should address putting limits on bad behavior through regulation and infrastructure.


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