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That lead me to some interesting articles! It really makes me want to check out the parrafin wax route, if only as a trial basis. Any experience with a pre-mixed one like Molten Speed Wax versus a "homemade" recipe of parrafin plus additives?
I did years ago, but after R'n'R showed up, "long form" chain waxing is (imho) not worth it unless you're looking for marginal gains in friction reduction. Both methods, or a hybrid of the two (immaculately clean new chain plus soak in R'n'R) gives great results for longevity. I'm gonna sound snooty, but Silca NFS is absolutely the fastest/smoothest feeling lube I've used. Beats the pants off R'n'R Gold. But zero longevity unless you into the "daily chain wipe" protocol. IOW, race bikes? Silca or homemade wax. Daily driver? R'n'R gold or blue.