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Thread: Construction site adjacent to Mount Vernon Trail?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brendan von Buckingham View Post
    Great newsreel of Memorial Bridge in action at its dedication. Not only does it show incredible engineering, but it also shows us something about lane markings. No lane markings on the bridge, not even a double yellow. The bridge pre-dates lane markings. You only needed one rule: stay to the right except to pass and then pass with caution. Watching the old cars navigate the bridge without lane markings is kind of trippy.

    Movie reel

    How many points do I get?
    They've got it wrong, the bridge is not in Arlington!

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    So I had not seen any info that the MVT would ever be closed for this--perhaps I missed it. Anyway, coming home from the DC United game last night sometime around 10:30-11:00, there were bright lights and equipment working and a sign saying the trail was closed ahead. The parkway was down to one lane and backed up a bit so I figured I'd grass it over to the road make the traffic deal with me since I had probably had about as much to drink as they had, but the workers waved me through at the stop sign and all was good in the end.

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