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Thread: King to Cedar to Commonwealth, vs King to Dangerfield

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    Default King to Cedar to Commonwealth, vs King to Dangerfield

    I will be leading (assuming the folks who responded so enthusiastically on Next Door actually show up) a ride down King Street to Old Town. Usually I just stay on King to Dangerfield to left on Prince. I test rode going via Cedar to Commonwealth, and the vehicular left from King is not that bad, especially as we will need to get into the main lane on King anyway. OTOH staying left on Commonwealth to avoid Sunset is a bit tricky. We will be coming through around 10 AM, on Sunday, and I assume most riders will be inexperienced. Your thoughts?

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    I would stick with King to Dangerfield to Prince. Making a vehicular left in a group when you're all flying down the hill can be tricky unless everyone knows where to expect the turn. The King to Dangerfield route is more straightforward, and at that time of day, the traffic around the metro station shouldn't be bad.


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