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I've seen pictures but haven't tried it myself. Two caveats, weight and width.

Salsa gives a 7lb weight limit for their anything cages, and that might be only if you mount the cage using three bolts instead of the usual two on standard water bottle cage. There's a heavy duty nylon model and I think you can supplement the usual mounting bolts with velcro or Voile straps to address weight concerns, though you might mar your paint. King Cage also makes a similar product and also sell a hose clamp doo-hicky that can serve as a third bolt.

Usually these oversized cages get mounted to the fork, bikepacking style. So, the growler might get in your way if used inside the main triangle. Depends on bottle width, I suppose.

FWIW, I've also found that the vacuum lined S'well bottles (and the unbranded ones made in what I assume is the same factory) will keep liquids cool for most of the day and fit standard water bottle cages. I think if you put chilled ice water in one for a few minutes first, then poured it out and replaced it with an extra cold one and capped it tight, it'd be pretty cool 6 hours later. Maybe not ice cold, but def not a warmbie. Problem is they only hold a pint.
I have a 40 oz. insulated water bottle that fits in my Looney bin that I use in lieu of a standard water bottle cage (I like the adjustability and ability to hold slightly larger containers). Ice stays ice for most of the day, if I let it.