Some of you know I'm an ambassador for Irwin Wheels and ride their AON TLR 38 wheel set. Through the end of July, I'm able to offer to members of the Freezing Saddles community an opportunity to buy any set of their wheels at a very discounted price. They make road, CX/gravel, MTB, and even track wheels. Clincher and tubular. Rim and disc brake. I can't disclose the details publicly, so you'll have to talk to me in person or email me to learn about the details. Only for USA customers.

If you've been lusting for carbon wheels but just couldn't justify spending $2K+, now's your chance to get a set for much less than that! Irwin may not be a "name brand" but they've been in business for quite a while and have built (still build) wheels for brands you might recognize. But Irwin's wheels under their own name are their own design and spec. These are not "Chinese carbon fiber" wheels.

Irwin's website:

Road Bike Action review:

PEZ Cycling News review:

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