Way back in October of 2014, our very own Greenbelt (it sucks that it's 2018 and I still can't tag a user in this forum software) was leading a Proteus/WABA ride. It was a good ride. I had some trouble with my front tire. After my second flat, Greenbelt suggested I put something in the tired to keep from flatting again. We had just stopped for a snack, and there were extra granola bar wrappers. So we folded one up, put it in the tire, and finished to ride.

Today, as I was putting on the new wheels from TwoWheelsDC, what did I pull out of the tire but that granola bar wrapper?

IMG_20180528_204724766_LL by Jon, on Flickr

That wrapper has been in that tire for 4.5 years - probably 3,000 miles. In that time, I'm not even sure I've changed that tube - the wrapper was pretty attached to it.

That ended this evening. As I put the tire and tube on the new wheel, I must have pinched the tube in the rim or something, because once it hit about 85 PSI it exploded.

IMG_20180528_205720729_LL by Jon, on Flickr

So, this is just to say thank you for that tube, that granola bar wrapper, and Greenbelt for leading the ride and his ingenuity. And thanks to TwoWheelsDC for the new wheels. Unfortunately that was my last tube so I'll have to get a new one tomorrow before i try out the new wheels, but I had to go to the LBS anyway because I seem to have stripped the screw on my brake shoe so I can't replace the pad and the pad is well beyond its useful life.

In conclusion, apparently it takes a village for me to be able to ride a bike successfully.