The Metropolitan Washington Association of Blind Athletes (MWABA) is riding this Sunday, meeting around 10 or 11 (I'll update this post when I find out the exact time) at Eastern Market, and riding the Arlington Loop (about 25 miles total). We're looking for a couple more people to ride captain (front seat) on a tandem bicycle with a visually impaired stoker (rear seat). MWABA has a couple of small and large tandems available, or you can bring your own if you have one. If you haven't ridden a tandem before, you could come a few minutes early to practice or join us on a single bike. If you'd like to come, contact Karla at 202-631-2426 or email her at (and include your height when you contact her). I'm also happy to answer any questions about the rides. If you can't come this time, we ride on the weekend about once a month and ride every Thursday at 6 alternating between Eastern Market and Bethesda.