The City of Alexandria has put up a web survey soliciting feedback on the upcoming street repavings. One major one coming up this year is the repaving of South Pickett from Valley Forge (just south of Duke) to the city limit (just west of Van Dorn). This is your chance to suggest how the City could make it safer for pedestrians, people on bikes, and motorists.

Here is a link to the survey form (it is for all the repavings, though this post is specifically to remind folks to respond wrt to S. Pickett) (note, the survey closes on May 4th)

Feel free of course to give your own ideas. However BPAC has come up with some suggested responses and ideas, which follow:

Survey suggestions for South Picktt:

For Question #6, please consider checking these three issues:

People drive too fast on my street

is difficult to travel on the sidewalks along my street

It is difficult to bike on my street

For Question #7, consider including

Add new or upgrade existing crosswalks
Improve access to bus stops
Add or improve bicycle facilities
For Comments, consider including some or all of the following:

Walking is uncomfortable due to narrow sidewalks with only a slight verge on one side, and 40-45 mph traffic passing you while walking. There is a history of both pedestrian collisions and bike collisions. The increased density in the area and the apartment complex for seniors in progress add to the necessity to improve pedestrian safety. Improvements for pedestrians should include a midblock crosswalk with refuge island at Valley Forge Drive, with relocated bus stops, refuge island at Home Depot entrance with relocated bus stops, midblock crosswalk with refuge island at Osprey Pl and relocated bus stops, midblock crosswalk between Edsall and Van Dorn with refuge island and relocated bus stops.

Based on traffic volumes and speeds South Pickett (which is an enhanced bike route in the Bike Ped Master Plan) should have protected/buffered bike lanes as the appropriate treatment for people on bikes, which will also improve comfort and safety for pedestrians by acting as a buffer from motor vehicle traffic.

Make S. Pickett Street safe to cross so more students can safely walk to Samuel Tucker Elementary School; currently students west of S. Pickett street are bussed, even if they live within a mile of the school, because S. Pickett Street is unsafe to cross.