The City of Alexandria has put up a web survey soliciting feedback on the upcoming street repavings. One major one coming up in FY 2019 is the repaving of Seminary Road from I395 to Quaker Lane. This is your chance to suggest how the City could make it safer for pedestrians, people on bikes, and motorists.

Here is a link to the survey form (it is for all the repavings, though this post is specifically to remind folks to respond wrt to Seminary) (note, the survey closes on May 4th)

Feel free of course to give your own ideas. However BPAC working with community members, has come up with some suggested responses and ideas, which follow:

Survey suggestions for Seminary Road:

For Question #6, please consider checking these three issues:

- People drive too fast on my street [85th percentile speeds are 36-38 mph with 25 mph speed limits]

- It is hard to cross at intersections without a stop sign or traffic signal

- It is difficult to bike on my street

For Question #7, consider including

Add new or upgrade existing crosswalks
Improve access to bus stops
Add or improve bicycle facilities
For Comments, consider including the following:

- Re-engineer Seminary Road to achieve vehicle speeds of 25 mph or less

- Change the school speed limit in front of FCH Middle school to 15 mph (it is currently 25 mph)

- The section of Seminary Road from I395 to Pickett Street is UNSAFE - right in front of the FCH Middle School. Make this area safe for people to cross the street to get to school and access bus stops.

- Eliminate the slip lane from N. Howard Street to Seminary Road for pedestrian safety

- Move the west-bound bus stop at N. Howard Street closer to the intersection so people can more directly cross Seminary Road in a crosswalk.

- Add Bike lanes on Seminary Road, not just for people who bike, but for calming traffic and making it safer and more pleasant to walk along and across Seminary Road.

- Provide crossing safety improvements such as pedestrian refuge islands where needed, for example across Seminary Road at Fort Williams Parkway to enable safe crossing access to both the Post Office and the bus stop on the north side of Seminary Road.

- Make the intersection at N. Quaker Lane and Seminary Road safe for school children west of N. Quaker Lane to walk and bike to Douglas MacArthur and/or Bishop Ireton Schools.