Looks like Prince William Forest Park, a National Park Service unit near Quantico, is opening up a trail master planning process and is considering mountain bike access, renovations, new trails, and new routes for the Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trail. Since folks on the forum use trails all over the place, I thought folks here might be interested.

There's a kickoff meeting 4/17 down near Quantico, BUT written/digital comments are accepted till late April.

Per NPS, " The scope is really all encompassing at this point and community feedback will be a valuable component. The Plan is meant to provide Park managers with a framework by which they can manage and maintain existing trails; close/re-align existing trails when needed; add new trails and access points where appropriate; and, where feasible, create trails that are universally accessible. NPS really wants to hear from the community about what the needs and wants are for trails in the park"

Prince William Forest Park is 100% gorgeous, with some awesome little cabins, too.