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Thread: NEW RSVP List – Re-scheduled FS End-of-Season Celebration – Monday, 9 April 2018

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    I am planning to attend tonight.

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    Nuts! I have to bail on on tonight. Have to come back into work after hours and fix some worn out main feed line plumbing....... I think I am going to make the 1/1/18 long ride ingot into a Calvin ball and only give Josh the hint..
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    So, what do you think? Three or four inches? ❄️😆 Sorry for the late decision, I believe I’ll be there! 🥨🍻🌮

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    Thanks to everyone involved with setting up the party and all those helping to make Freezing Saddles possible. Also good to see all the people I haven't seen in a while. WSGFABR!

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    Lots of fun at last night's closing ceremonies. BIG THANK YOU to Cynthia for organizing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vicegrip View Post
    Nuts! I have to bail on on tonight. Have to come back into work after hours and fix some worn out main feed line plumbing....... I think I am going to make hie 1/1/18 long ride ingot into a Calvin ball and only give him the hint..
    Kurt - Know that you were indeed missed!

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    Default w&w’s prizes

    Here are the prizes I awarded at last night's celebrations.

    Taste-testing prize
    The Grand Prize (okay, the only prize) goes to Kitty for Pocky taste testing.
    Prize: Kitty cut out sweets and treats for Lent, so instead she receives a selection of seaweed… Bon appetite

    Bike Samaritans
    … four winners
    CBGAnimal (Chris W.)… For two-hours’ assisting Reji and offering unsolicited advice to cops and truck drivers on 11 Jan. 2018
    LhasaCM (aka Chris)… For Trail-Clearing with his six-year-old assistant on Martin Luther King Day
    LordOfTheMark (Ken)… For enthusiastically tackling cans, glass, screws and other trash on the Sousa Bridge on the chilly morning of 27 January 2018
    Jon Renaut…For his hard work in the Anacostia cleanup AND in the Sisyphean task of getting DC to enforce Safe Accommodations for pedestrians and cyclists in construction zones.

    Prizes: Dust pans and brushes…plus pixie dust for practice sweeping!

    Fine, Divine, Asinine Signs…
    There were many curious and mind-boggling signs, so it was really hard to pick the winners. I narrowed it down to road signs rather than include the toilet humor, though I enjoyed both types.
    1.Genuine and Heartwarming: What Cancer Cannot Do … handwritten sign outside the chemotherapy center… Bob James
    2.Most Asinine Sign: Trump/Hillary Clinton commentary on side of a truck…Bob James
    3.Absurd: The intersection of Shirlington Road and Shirlington Road….Emm
    4.Most disingenuous (insincere): Arlington DMV: “Your Bike, Walk, Ride DMV Destination” (where there is not even a rack on which to park your bike)…Bob Cannon

    Prize: Bike Parking signs (shipped from Australia…thx Amazon!)

    Bike Decorating…
    1.Swipe-right Valentines Bike award – we did NOT have a love connection, so I shall savor that prize myself.

    2.Winter bike decorating ..
    Two winners:

    Prize: bicycle stickers

    Longest ride
    – Looking at the prize list, it seems we have a lot of fluffy, frilly, tooty-fruity sort of prizes for gorging ourselves on donuts, wearing goofy socks, drinking coffee, decorating our bicycles…
    This prize brings us back to basics, which is riding. These nine winners are all about the bike. For them, there are no double meanings….to lube means nothing more than to take care of your chain, granny is only a gear, a snake-bite is never venomous, and bonking has nothing to do with sex.
    These riders took the longest rides during Freezing Saddles:

    Neal Friesen -- Double Century 2018-03-09 200.234 miles…extreme winds and 13,000 elevation
    Josh Armstrong Casey & Pete's Loudoun County Gravel and a little ... 2018-03-03 152.191 miles …plus 187 miles on last day of FS
    david helms Rod's 'Big Circle' #BAFS2018 2018-03-04 164.432 miles
    Rod Smith Sore Legs Circle Ride 2018-03-04 159.574 miles
    david helms Point2Point, very Pointless #LastBAFS 2018-03-19 147.756 miles
    Pete Beers Croatan Buck Fifty on a fixie with Cyndi. 2018-03-17 145.927 miles
    Casey Bailey Fun sunny miles at the Croatan Buck Fifty! 2018 145.308 miles
    Paula Caro Croatan Buck Fifty 2018 2018-03-17 145.275 miles
    Nathaniel Buckner Croatan Buck50 2018-03-17 145.264 miles
    Matt Holmes Croatan Buck-Fifty, 2 crashes edition... 2018-03-17 145.145 miles

    PRIZE: LONG pixie stick or bubble gum stick, your choice

    London Bridge

    Next we’re gonna talk about going down. And for you Dirty Minds out there, no – this is not a sex education class.
    It is painfully clear that London Bridge came crashing down this Freezing Saddles season. We have 19 winners.
    Josh ….5
    Dana Wise …. 4
    QuikAF77 …. 2
    Boomer …. 2
    Bentbike33 … 2
    Closebr ….2
    Consularrider …. 2
    Supernova …. 1
    DrP …. 1
    CPTJohnC ….1
    Sjclaeys …. 1
    Bob James …. 1
    Jepstein ….1
    JonRobot ….1
    Cvcalhoun ….1
    Egoodman …. 1
    William P. …. 1
    Reji… 1
    Iain… 1

    Prizes: Pillow necklaces, kisses, bandaids, lollipops, and life-savers

    The Hub of the Wheel
    – To the two hardcore riders who are truly indispensable to FS. While the rest of us are out having fun on our bikes, these two are stuck in front of their computers trying to fix our problems and getting NO KUDOS whatsoever. Heartfelt thanks to the guys at the epicenter of Freezing Saddles:
    Jon Renaut and Hans L.

    Prizes: a trophy and a build-your-own-bike kit.

    Team 22, The Titanium Geraniums, TiG’s …Flower Power!
    First place team.

    --Swag caps --thanks Bike Arlington!
    --Million-dollar chocolate bars
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    Default Missing Looper

    I'm looking for the winner of the FS2018 Most Matching Arlington Loops, Brandon Fauquet. I have a custom box of "Arlington Loops" breakfast cereal (with fruit-shaped marshmallows!) with your name on it. Send me a PM and we can arrange for your acceptance of the award, perhaps at one of the Arlington Loop coffee clubs (Crystal City Coffee Club, Hump Day CC, Whole Thursday Foods CC, or Friday CCII).
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    Pointless Prizes from Steve O:

    March Madness Memorial UVA Choke Award "commendation"

    For coughing up the lead on the Ride Days leaderboard, after leading for the entirety of FS, in the last 48 hours.
    Team One for the Road
    No prize, just special recognition

    Team Ride Days, 69.5 days per team member (for reference, FS is 78 days long)
    Titanium Geraniums
    Prize: bicycle themed refrigerator magnets

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	icicle.JPG 
Views:	59 
Size:	62.7 KB 
ID:	17784
    Louis received the very last, original, vintage 2014, white, bicycle icicle. Since it never dropped below zero in the DC area, he had to travel to Minnesota to win this.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	badass squared.JPG 
Views:	53 
Size:	69.8 KB 
ID:	17787
    I was going to award Jan a pair of Badass socks, but Amazon lost them. Oh, well.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	judicious.JPG 
Views:	87 
Size:	81.1 KB 
ID:	17786
    Dismal was awarded a judiciously obtained legal pad.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	team DRASS.JPG 
Views:	53 
Size:	66.6 KB 
ID:	17785
    In addition to these certificates, the Penguins also received mini snowflakes, which they can hang from their saddles or use any way they like.

    The Clever Caption Pointless Prize was won by bobco85. Details by clicking here.
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    Default Kid-related pointless prizes

    There were a total of 3 kid-related pointless prizes awarded last night. All winners received a commemorative custom-printed mini license plate as a trophy, as well as other things noted below.

    • #kidical (riding with a kid on your bike, either seat/trailer/etc.) went to me. I won not having to give someone else something for this prize.
    • #withkid (riding with a kid on his/her own bike) went to Jon Levine. He won a grab bag o' stuff (I think there was a bourbon chocolate bar from Harper Macaw, a bicycle shaped pocket tool, and a Bluetooth speaker).
    • The "Kidsathlon" (or combined) prize went to Jon Renaut. He and his family won a copy of the bicycle touring board game "The Open Road"

    Since this was my first closing HH and I got to present first - I didn't know that other people would offer long explanations of the math (*coughcough* DRASS) behind their complicated prizes. Since I missed out on that opportunity, I'll share the explanation of the combined prize here for folks to gloss over. To prevent someone from dominating one of the two categories to take the combined as well, the winner wasn't based on total mileage. Rather, it was the geometric mean of the mileage share for each category (e.g., out of all of the #withkid miles reported, what percentage were yours?). That made sure that it rewarded someone who did well in both categories - which Jon Renaut did by placing a strong second in each.


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