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Thread: March 2018 ABAC Meeting - Police and the Pike

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    I am making sure John Harpold of Papillon Cycles will be at the meeting. He has some skin in this game- literally. Several of our customers who were hurt on the Pike, and his own busted ribs.

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    Thanks all! Hope to see many of you tonight at the meeting. I'll print all the comments at 5pm to take with me (so if you have anything to add, now is the time!).


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    Quote Originally Posted by Judd View Post

    The north sidewalk on the bridge over Four Mile Run is terribly narrow and can barely accommodate two pedestrians using it at the same time. It can not accommodate a bike and a pedestrian at the same time, which is a shame because there is a CaBi station across the bridge at the Arlington Mill Community Center. I seem to recall that there was discussion of widening this or putting in a pedestrian bridge. I believe the four lanes of traffic are wide enough that a foot could be taken from each lane to widen this sidewalk.
    I'd also add that Arlington Mill appears to be incredibly popular with the kids so there's lots of traffic from young people from the neighborhood here. It's also going to the be the new home of Phoenix which should bring a lot more bike traffic from the youth members as well as customers.

    Another thought more related to the Bike Boulevards:
    9th and Buchanan when coming up from the W&OD has really bad sight lines for cyclists. It's especially hard to see cards coming up the hill from the Pike. This could be improved by removing 1 or 2 car parking spaces on the western side of Buchanan to provide a better sight line. Alternatively, this intersection could be made a 4 way stop. About 50% of the time that I go through here when cars are present, they stop for me any way.

    The traffic signal on 8th and George Mason does not detect bicycles. Bikes either have to run this signal (hopefully after lawfully waiting two minutes, but who is using a stopwatch) or use the ped beg button which is located in an awkward position.

    The traffic signal at 7th and Glebe does not detect bicycles either.

    The official Bike Boulevard on 9th Strett includes a one way segment between Ivy and Irving, which includes salmoning.

    I very rarely use 9th St since the crossings at Glebe and Walter Reed do not have a traffic control signal and are therefore not worth the risk to me. If I had kids, they would be so grounded if I caught them using 9th St instead of 7th and 8th to cross Walter Reed, Glebe and George Mason.

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    Attended BAC last night. Took some notes.

    There was a good sized crowd of approximately 20, many of whom are Columbia Pike Commuters.

    Arlington County Police - Lt. Murphy
    - ACPD is making a more concerted effort to collect data
    - Crashes are often reported after the fact because people don't feel injured at the time
    - ACPD has three shifts. If a ped/bike crash happens during a shift, it always makes the shift report
    - Lt. Murphy did an analysis of every pedestrian and bike related crash in 2017
    - The crashes aren't currently mapped because the crime mapping position in Arlington County has been vacant for over year. Lt. Murphy is using another resource to get crashes mapped.
    - Pedestrian crashes were flat in 2017. Bike crashes nearly doubled.
    - Most bike crashes are on Lee Highway and Columbia Pike
    - ACPD meets regularly with DES to discuss trouble spots
    - ACPD is understaffed. They're authorized 370 officers but only have 350. Lots of trouble recruiting because of pay. 13th out of 14th in pay in the area
    - Lt. Murphy's team does a mandatory number of pedestrian safety actions each week
    - Safe Bike Initiative is the first week of May

    Q: Following up on using bikes while doing cross walk enforcement?
    A: Not planned because there's no standards for the distance a car is away from the crosswalk when a bike is involved.

    Q: Does ACPD discuss Leading Pedestrian Intervals with DES?
    A: Yes. Police push for it. Responding to pedestrian traffic crashes are difficult for officer's to respond to (the implication was emotionally difficult) Arlington pedestrian fatality rates are lower than surrounding communities because speeds are generally lower.

    Q: Are there any intersections where cars turning right on red are problematic?
    A: Still working on getting a map of the crash data to determine hot spots. ACPD puts out 8 LIDARS per week to monitor traffic speed and target enforcement.

    - Columbia Pike had a cross walk enforcement a few months ago.
    - Many of the problems are challenges of volume. Most crashes are during day time rush hour.

    Q: What about enforcement of cars in the bike lanes?
    A: Not lots of places to park delivery trucks. Officers will sometimes shoo cars along but usually don't stop to write tickets. ACPD will not dispatch an officer for bike lane enforcement, but will dispatch a PSA. PSAs have geographic assignments. You can e-mail to request parking enforcement or to complain about anything.

    Lt. Murphy shared a report of all 2017 bike and pedestrian crashes

    Dan Naghbors(sp?) - Arlington DES
    - Dan shared a map of future Pike bike infrastructure
    - Columbia Pike is the busiest bus transit corridor in the County
    - Washington Boulevard Bridge Intersection over Columbia Pike is owned by VDOT. The rest of the Pike is Arlington. Making changes at the bridge requires working with VDOT
    - Considering a contraflow lane on the one way street on 11th
    - DES has a monthly meeting with ACPD where they discuss high severity crashes
    - The Hoffman Boston Connector is slated for 2022-2023 construction
    - 110 Trail would loop around Arlington Cemetery to Memorial Bridge - still in far off concept stage
    - Dan said it would be possible to do a bike count on Columbia Pike with cameras

    The rest of the meeting was a disjointed conversation where people complained about things on the Pike

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    Has there been consideration of turning one of the Columbia Pike lanes east of Washington Blvd in to a 2-way PBL - maybe the eastbound lane, since most the eastbound traffic is going to 27/395. There isn't much traffic east of 27 even at rush hour. This PBL could connect in with the 27 bike ways and the future connector through ANCC.

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