Given that March is just around the corner and my day-job workload is increasing, I need to make sure that all the pointless prizes that need leaderboards (i.e. that need to have winners drawn from the Strava-backed data), have been documented with "the developers" (me).

I'd like to request that anyone awarding a pointless prize which needs data and that doesn't already have a leaderboard, please create a github issue (yeah, this means you need to make an account, but it's a lot easier to track and discuss the specifics over there; this basically saves me having to copy and past emails into tickets/comments):

I want to avoid the situation where a bunch of people contact me on March 19th for leaderboards. I may not be able to help you -- and it doesn't look likely that anyone else will either.

Also, if you know SQL (for reference, we're still on MySQL, though expect to be on Postgres for 2019) and would like to propose a solution, this would be extremely helpful. Our pointless prize leaderboards (mostly) use a generic system, which was designed to be very easy for others to understand -- and hopefully contribute to. Take a look at the contents of files in here to get an idea:

I am happy to provide datasets to people too.

(My primary goal this year is to make the system more accessible; while I enjoy contributing, I need the FS backend to be sustainable beyond my involvement.)