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    I've been using the Soma steel-core levers. So, far, I've only broken one.

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    Here's a quick follow-up to the long saga that is the love between broken glass and my tires: I. actually. got. a. flat. on. the. Schwalbe. Marathon. Plus. Tire.

    So, I took some pics of it before and after removing the piece of glass, and in honor of Judd's amazing ride (that I sadly was unable to attend; don't worry, I'll make him do a re-run when I return), I added some metal of a certain Illinoisian for a sense of scale.

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    Luckily, when I got my flat, the tire itself was thick enough that I was able to nurse the flat home for about 9 miles, stopping to reinflate the tube (which lost its air in a matter of minutes), without any squirreliness in the tire itself as its tube ran out of air.

    I replaced the tube (standard) with a stronger one (puncture resistant), so we'll see how far I can get with that!

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