FYI - work has finally stared on the M and L Street underpass art installations next to the MBT. Coupled with the ongoing construction on M Street next to the NoMA metro station, during the installation travelling between the MBT and points east (e.g., REI, Union Market, Ivy City etc.) will be slightly more harrowing than usual. As of yesterday, the south side of the sidewalk on M Street is completely closed off. Pedestrians are being funneled to the north side. Not too big of a deal for eastbound cycling traffic (just merge into traffic and take the lane), but there will be added pedestrian congestion at the bottom of the ramp. However, it is even more of an issue westbound as that side of the road on M Street has often been closed during the week/occasional weekends with the construction, so you're either having to battle pedestrians on the narrowed sidewalk for a block or go around. The latter may be preferable depending on where you're coming from/where you're going (I find myself using the ramp next to the Elevation on Florida and 2nd NE more and more).

More details about the installation/timeframes for the various closures can be found at