This year I'll be participating in Freezing Saddles from the sidelines; I'm not competing on a team for days and miles, but I'm already collecting points in Calvinball and NOTORIOUS, and I'm sure I'll find some Frozemon soon. If you don't know me already, I'm also a regular at coffee clubs, happy hours and other social events and participate in (and organize) fun rides when I can. In fact, during FS off-season I organize the Midnight Saddles rides. I also plan to promote and help organize the FSLNHPP as usual.

If you are not on a team for any reason: registered late, injured, just moved to DC, only learned about FS recently, no need for , you can still participate. The real purpose of the game is to create and build friendships, and you can do that the same way I am: by joining in the reindeer games, offering Pointless Prizes, organizing rides and social events, attending same, heckling & cheering on the teams, and just hanging out with the people who are part of this great biking community.

I'm happy to give up my team spot this year to someone who is new and may find the competition an incentive to ride more through the winter and become more active in our fun community. I already do all that, and Strava tracks my days and miles just fine for me, so it's all good.

If you are also a FRED, feel free to introduce yourself here.