Note - I have not spent much time in bike shops. Only been riding approx. 1.5 years.

The gist of my question is this: Rather than just fixing /adjusting my brakes so they work "properly", will a good local bike shop show me how my own adjustment didn't work?

The longer story:
I'm learning to adjust my brakes. They're disc brakes. I've taken a short-ish bike maintenance class (at The Bike House DC Coop). I've taken other bike maintenance classes, and one of the All the Cycle Ladies workshops. I've worked on mine and others' brakes at the Coop, and worked with very experienced mechanics there.

I now know how to adjust the cable, and move the disc in and out , and to use the barrel adjuster. But just barely. I adjusted the front brake recently, and now it squeals terribly, and doesn't grip well.

So the Q is: will a shop just fix it for me (for a price) - or is it *reasonable* to expect/ask them to show me how to adjust it myself next time.

Or should I just keep playing with my tools til it works?