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Thread: RSVP on this thread -- FS Welcome Happy Hour Celebration - Wedn. 10 Jan. 2018

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    Quote Originally Posted by hozn View Post
    Yup, it's March 21, the day after the contest ends. You can always cancel your out-of-town trip. :-)
    Or he can bike back from destination. I give him permission, since he's on my team

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    Quote Originally Posted by wheels&wings View Post
    Great to see everyone at this evening's festivities.
    For the record, it looks like we had 103 people in attendance, plus or minus.
    Sorry it took so long for us to get that last batch of food.
    On the plus side, Bier Baron returned to us $220, all of which will go toward extra refreshments at the March 21 prize celebration.
    So there will be a lot more to eat next time.
    Time for bed! Warm regards, w&w
    Thanks to everyone for putting this together, and also for keeping the limericks and everything else kid-friendly enough that I didn't have any explaining to do to either the 6yo on the way home or Mom once we got home (about what the 6yo heard)


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