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    My wife and I are currently shopping for our new home. This will move us further away from my work.

    I currently have a 14 mile commute through the city which I am quite happy with. Looking at where we are looking to buy (S. Alexandria, Groveton, Franconia) this will add around 8 miles to my ride.

    Iím thinking about alternative ways to manage my commute.

    Could I park on Hains Point or Gravelly Point for the day, or would NPS/police tow my car? Do you have other ideas for daily parking options?


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    If you're willing to park south of Old Town in S. Alexandria, many people park at the Tulane exit off the GW Parkway (on the neighborhood side, NOT the 2-parking spot pull over space on the trail side). There's a bus stop there so it's a very common place for people to park and walk across the parkway to the stop, and I know of at least 3 of us who park and bike. Usually there are a good 5-10 cars parked there daily. Belle Haven park is 3 hr only parking, but Jones Point Park doesn't have any enforcement signs up, so I think it'd be ok to park there as long as you can time it to get there after it opens. I've done it on the weekday, but not often. It's my backup plan if the ice along the trail south of Old Town gets bad this year...

    There's a MVT South Facebook and Strava group you can join and ask this question to as well. I'm sure there are other places to park and ride in S. Alexandria that just I don't know of.

    Hains point began doing metered spots a few months ago, not sure if all of them have meters now though. Not sure about Gravely Point since I've never tried to park there, but people leave their cars there all day to boat, so I'm guessing it's ok? The traffic driving through Old Town and getting to Gravely Point makes it easier just to bike it though...
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    You could also park at the marina at LBJ Memorial Grove which has ample parking during the week. Hitting Hains Point for a lap or two is available for you to increase mileage.

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    I second the Tulane Drive option. Used it myself during the Wilson Bridge project. If you use this option, please don't park directly opposite the driveways. (I was asked this by a homeowner.) There is plenty of room to avoid doing so.

    Belle Haven Park has signs explicitly banning commuter parking. How they know you are a commuter is beyond me.

    Hains Point was also an option I used. Drive to the point and back. Park on the river side. There were no meters there during the Hains Point 100.


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