Oh wait, i already did this

2022 goals.

Exceed my 2021 mileage - should be very doable, as I am up to 360 miles now, and 2021 only rode 1600 miles. My best year was 2019, when I rode over 4400 miles, which will be hard for me to do until I am commuting more regularly. Well as I said, still trying

Make every actual commute to work by bike. I have certainly stuck to that so far. F**king injury. I had been 100% on this, but went in once by car.

Get back to more group rides, coffee clubs, and other social stuff. That's been so helpful in overcoming pandemic isolation, and I need to do more. Definitely have been doing this.

Do an overnight bike trip of some kind. At least one. HARPERS FERRY. (and that sure beats my old goal of going to Great Falls. Still have not made it to Occoquan though)

Get more of the gear that I am missing. Some, with help from my friends

Learn at least a bit more about maintenance. Well I did get a hint on how to put on a particular difficult bike tire, though I did not do it myself

Some bike advocacy stuff that I won't go into right now.[/QUOTE] Well that's pretty obvious, I guess.