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Thread: WABA proposal for bike lanes on Arlington Memorial Bridge (comment by Dec. 2)

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    Default WABA proposal for bike lanes on Arlington Memorial Bridge (comment by Dec. 2)

    The National Park Service is planning a rehabilitation project for the bridge, with multiple alternatives being considered for the bascule span arch (the drawbridge section). WABA is suggesting that bike lanes should be added, since the bridge will be renovated anyway. According to the WABA statement: "After an initial study on regional traffic patterns, engineers determined a closure of one of the three lanes in each direction would only minimally impact traffic on other bridges that cross the Potomac River."

    If closure of one lane during construction would only have a minimal impact on traffic, then WABA suggests that the lane could be switched over to bike traffic after the bridge work is complete. Bike lanes could be useful for the many visitors who may travel back and forth between Arlington National Cemetery and the Lincoln Memorial and the National Mall.

    The comment period on the Environmental Assessment ends on December 2. Read through the materials and send a comment if you think bike lanes or a cycletrack would be a good idea for the bridge. I generally try to avoid the bridge because of the safety issues with the trail crossings on the VA side. But the WABA suggestion sounds intriguing. A protected cycletrack would probably be better. Painted lines would just be ignored by too many drivers. There are also tricky merge lanes on both the VA and DC sides, making it even more important that any bike infrastructure have more substantial separation than just paint.

    The WashCycle summary:

    National Park Service project site:

    WABA statement:

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    Traffic flow: I'm sure there are a number of ways to deal with this, but how would the transition work from the existing bike trail to the new bike lane? Same question on the DC-side of the bridge where the bike lane would need to intersect/merge with the crosswalk.

    Separation: I would be terrified to ride on the pavement without a physical barrier - and not just bollards, we are talking concrete here.

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    On the principle of “don’t ask, don’t get”, is it time to revisit asking for bike lanes on memorial bridge with the Park Service now they have been promised renovation funding?
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