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I can't make tonight's meeting, but this reminded me of my experience last Friday afternoon at Fairfax and Kenmore. I picked up a CaBi at the GMU dock, intending to ride east on Fairfax to 10th then southbound on Irving. I do this exact route often, typically in the evening when there is little traffic. This time, there were multiple Martz buses idling blocking the bike lane and right-hand general lane on westbound Fairfax, but there was a gap between them (coincidence I'm sure) at the curb cut / crosswalk. With limited visibility I walked the bike into the crosswalk just far enough to peer into the other westbound lane. With the bike clearly visible ahead of me in the crosswalk (almost to the midpoint between lanes), three cars whizzed past before one slowed to let me cross. Then I stood at the median waiting for eastbound traffic to relent. About twelve cars passed before I eventually pump-faked pushing the bike into the left lane, which finally got someone to stop. Two more vehicles went around in the right lane before I was able to complete crossing safely. All this on a clear day at 2pm, and I was wearing a bright neon yellow jacket while walking a bicycle in a painted crosswalk in a 30MPH zone.

Let this be my location suggestion for ACPD's next crosswalk sting.
I have found that throwing up the stop hand and leaning forward slightly will cause most drivers to finally yield the legal right of way.