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Thread: Thermal Cameras vs Ninjas

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    Default Thermal Cameras vs Ninjas

    I am not sure if it's worth it for some of you, but you can buy thermal cameras for Android/iPhone for $200-$300. However, they are not waterproof, and don't work with all cell phones. The main ones are FLIR and Seek Thermal cameras.

    FLIR ONE has internal battery which lasts for one hour, so you may have to look for a Y cable and battery pack to power it, while at the same time connect it to a phone. Also, there are complaints that the software requires Internet access each time you start the camera app.

    I have the Seek Thermal XR camera, it doesn't have a battery so it uses the phone for power, and lasts for 5 hours with Motorola Moto G cellphone with the screen on all the time at the minimum brightness level. I bought it for bird watching and haven't used it on bike paths because of mounting issues(see below). Both FLIR/Seek have several color palettes, and the most usable for Ninjas is one that shows everything in black and white, except for hot spots; which are shown in red. So you don't have to look at it all the time, only when you notice something red.

    Mounting issues:

    The way it was designed, the camera can't be pointed at any angle, so you have to use a cable extender, and tape the camera to the handlebar or use Velcro straps. Here are cable extenders for iPhone and Android. I tested the Android one, and it works.

    Manufacturer web sites:

    YouTube videos:

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    Or if money's no object, another option: Night Vision Goggles


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