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Thread: Freezing Saddles 2018

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    Quote Originally Posted by cvcalhoun View Post
    We didn't have a button that says, "I want to compete." Instead, we didn't have slackers, or friends of BAFS, or whatever register at all. They will contact Sunyata at some time to be announced by her, to say they want to be whatever the name is.
    I believe they are now called FREDS.

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    If you are new to Freezing Saddles (or forgot), there is a calendar on the Freezing Saddles website with all the coffee clubs and a few of the other events on it (scroll down to the bottom).

    Please add your events to the calendar. Team events too, unless you are adamant about not allowing infiltrators. If you played last year you probably have editing rights (I shared it with everyone last year). If you are new or can't figure it out, PM me with your Google email address and I will get you set up.

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