I came across the scene of a nasty spill on Ridge Road in Rock Creek Park around dusk this evening. I arrived just after the ambulance.

Ridge Road is closed to cars as part of the Beach Drive construction. Coming from the north, it's a steep, winding downhill. The road is a lot of fun, but tonight's damp weather (and perhaps also leaves and such on the pavement) resulted in the tightest turn being very slick. A cyclist went down, and it was clearly a hard hit to the head -- there was blood on the pavement, she wasn't moving, and her face looked very scuffed. I really hope she's not too seriously injured.

The weather today reminds me of the nearest I've come to a bad accident in the past couple of years: exiting the CCT on the tight corkscrew down to Mass Ave. It was also in the fall, and the trail was damp and covered in wet leaves. It put me on crutches for a few days and I was very lucky that I didn't break anything. It's the time of year to start being extra cautious with the boardwalks and twisty downhills in our lives.