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Thread: NYT story on bicycle riding in Utrecht, The Netherlands

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    Default NYT story on bicycle riding in Utrecht, The Netherlands

    Good morning my friends. I assume someone has posted this article already, but in case anyone missed it, it’s worth a look.

    The story is about bicycle-commuting in Utrecht, the Netherlands, one of the most bike-friendly places in the world. Note the mind-blowing details, such as…

    “large signs alert car drivers that they are merely guests on these roads and should limit their speed to less than 20 miles per hour”


    “…a small startup, Springlabs, is trying to perfect a device that tells bikers how hard to pedal to catch the next green light”


    you can use special phone apps to find a free spot in one of the city’s bicycle garages, which hold thousands of bicycles each.

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    ....said Lot van Hooijdonk, a vice mayor
    No one from her family could ever emigrate to the US. The children would not survive grade-school recess.

    But she speaks truth:
    “Cycling is like a piece of magic: It only has advantages,” said Ms. van Hooijdonk, who like the majority of Utrecht’s residents commutes to work by bike.


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