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Thread: 1Up double rack and license plates

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    Quote Originally Posted by TwoWheelsDC View Post
    I've been through a couple drive-thrus where it was reeeeally close, but none where I just couldn't get through. One McDonald's we recently hit had safety bars that were too low, but there wasn't actually anything in the drive-thru lane that hung out over the car, so I just went wide around the bar and through the drive-thru window like normal. Also, there may have been a hotel we stayed in with a garage where I had to take the bike off first, but most places we're driving with a bike on top, we're staying in places with parking lots.
    So many good personal roof rack stories:
    1. Day 1 of owning Yakima roof rack - I proudly had my bike on top of the Audi 4000 and tried to enter a parking garage at University of Maryland. I heard the saddle rubbing the ceiling when trying to get the ticket from the machine. I put it in reverse, then BOOM! The whole roof rack popped off the gutter mounts, and it landed squarely on my hood, with the bike still attached. A huge line of cars filled with angry students start honking at me to get out of the way because they'll be late for class.
    2. Second Eff-Up: headed up BW parkway, cruising ~70mph, when I hear a clunk on the roof. I look in the rear view mirror and see my front wheel rolling down the middle of the highway and cars swerving to avoid it. Driver pulls up beside me and motions me to pull over. I thought he was going to chew me out because my wheel hit his car, but he just told it fell off and where to look for it. I lucked out that day that nobody got hurt.
    3. Third Eff-Up: I have parked in my old work garage many times with the roof box, but it's always been in the upper levels. One day I arrive late and they ask me to go to the lower levels because the upper ones are full. I told them I can't go because the exposed pipes are too low. They say nooooo, you'll be fine. I give in because I'm late. They motion me towards a specific spot, and I told them no way. They say they'll watch, and I still tell them no way. They reassure me, and I back up. BANG! The box crunches into a pipe. WTF, over. I yell, they half apologize, but not much more I can do because they've hooked me up with the occasional parking discount, and I don't want them to get into trouble.
    4. Fourth Eff-Up: I borrow my mom's Honda CR-V and mount my bike rack on the factory roof rails. One day I'm rushing out the door with the bike mounted, but our visiting house guests ask if I could drop them off at the Metro. I go into the College Park metro Kiss and Ride as I have multiple times with the bike mounted onto my wife's Tercel, but nobody reminded me that the CR-V is a little taller than the tiny Tercel. I hit overhead sign and bend it to heck. I also trash $240 seatpost, wreck saddle, and put a sizeable dent on the roof of mom's CR-V. My frame survived though.
    5. Final one: I drive 20 miles from my house, through DC, on 395 at speeds up to 65mph. I take the exit, then as I take a slow right turn, the bike falls sideways, only attached by the strap on the rear wheel and the rare time I use a u-lock on the rack, threading it between the chainstay and tray. Nice dent where the handlebar hit the side door.
    6. OK, one more: I'm riding with a buddy who mounts his bike on a fork mount, facing backwards, but doesn't bother putting the rear tire strap on because he thinks it's no big deal. At 70 mph, the rear of the bike lifts up, pivots, and a pedal goes through his side window. I think he learned his lesson there

    After primarily using roof racks for 18 years, I get my first hitch rack - a 1UpUSA - in 2009, and I couldn't be happier. I prefer how much easier it is to access and mount bikes compared to roof racks. My only concern with it is if I'm parking where there is a lot of tight parallel parking because of the possibility of people nudging up against the bike/rack when trying to maneuver into a spot behind me. I think it has happened before and ended up bending/breaking a few parts on the rack. I ordered new parts and it was good as new.

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    I f-'ed up twice and then gave up on roof racks. At least for me, the cost of buying the hitch from U-Haul (not using any sort of expedited service) and having them install it was not significantly different that buying the hitch elsewhere and installing it myself. I did get rear-ended once after getting hitch mount rack, and while my bike was not on the rack at the time, the rack went through my rear windshield and sent glass everywhere, making me grateful for shatterproof glass.

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    Yeah, I bumped my saddle once thinking I could fit into a garage, but I was watching out for it and luckily no one was behind me. I would always ride with the sunrood open on the Prelude to remind myself it was up there. I could not fit under drive-thrus (not that this is something I typically care about). I've seen plenty of damage to cars and bikes so won't buy a roof rack again. I guess this was a bigger deal when I did more mountain biking as I'd be driving the bike around more.
    Now the rack is mostly for the occasional race. Since I use it so seldom I usually take the hitch rack off now to avoid just having the steel parts (tongue, hitch) rust out.

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    Maybe we could get Bike Arlington to provide an answer about bike racks and license plates?? (sending them a direct note)


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