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Thread: Best way to get to training center Hernon

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    Default Best way to get to training center Hernon

    I need to get 13650 Dulles Technology Dr in Herndon from W&OD.

    I used to live out that way and the route suggested by Google maps seems pretty...yucky. Google wants me to get off at Herndon Parkway to Van Buren to Worldgate - I remember those all being two lanes in each direction so I can take the lane, no biggie. But then it's telling me to turn left on Centreville - - and go past the exit/entrance to the toll-road. Uh...unless a lot has changed, that's not going to happen. I think I remember seeing people bike along a small side path there but still...NO.

    Any better suggestions?
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    Doesn't Sunrise Valley have a sidepath for most its length? Seems like you could hop off the W&OD onto it (just before the W&OD goes under 267) and just ride that the rest of the way. Sunrise Valley also seems pretty overbuilt, so taking the lane is also an option. Full disclosure, I don't have much experience riding Sunrise Valley itself, but I have crossed it many times during commuting hours and have taken FFX Connector bus on it during rush hour and it seems like traffic is pretty light most of the time.

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    Based on previous rides out there (we went by there on my Silver Line ride), I would recommend this route:

    The route uses mostly paved side paths on Ffx Co Pkwy Trail, Fox Mill Rd, Frying Pan Rd, Fox Mill Rd (again), and Sunrise Valley Dr.

    Also, should you be curious, you can continue north about a half mile on Sunrise Valley Dr to see the construction of the future Innovation Center Metro station on the Silver Line.


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