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Thread: Guaranteed Ride Home

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    Default Guaranteed Ride Home

    It's likely that some readers of this forum are unaware of Commuter Connections's Guaranteed Ride Home program.

    For people who commute by bike (or metro, or any not-driving way) two times a week or more, the GRH provides for a free ride home in case of illness, family emergency, etc.

    I have used it twice. Once, when I fell seriously ill at work in DC, they dispatched a taxi to take me home (I left my bike behind to pick up another day).
    The other when I injured myself on my bike commute to Silver Spring: I finished my ride, but then decided it would be best to be checked out by medical professionals. They dispatched a cab that took both me and my bike home.

    This is really useful to know about, IMO.

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    Thanks for the reminder Oh Steve! I signed up for that in 2007, but never had to use it, but I'm glad it was an option.

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