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Thread: In the beginning was the deed!

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    Default In the beginning was the deed!

    (Apologies to Goethe, Le Carre, and the authors of both parts of the bible)

    I know its early to think about FS2018, but this may take some discussion and some time, so here goes. Besides when its this hot, why not talk about FS?

    I have been thinking of setting up a side bet/reindeer game. Something around bike advocacy. But giving a prize for sitting at meetings (or similar) would exclude all the folks who don't want to sit at meetings, plus its not any harder to sit at meetings in the winter.

    So I was thinking about how, when we build infra, one of the complaints thrown in our face it that its not ridden alot (even where the infra is really there for traffic calming). I would love to see more riders using that infra, showing the flag, etc. Advocacy by riding around, IOW. Some of y'all already do that, but I thought it could lead to a nice contest. And I recall a side bet last year where strava segs were created for different parts of the Arlington Loop, our wonderful coders created code to count how many times people rode in them, and an award was given for that. I was thinking I could create segments for a bunch of the more controversial recent infra expansions, hopefully the coders could use the same code as for the Arl Loop contest, and we would be good to go.

    Of course I would want advice on what segments to include. For Alexandria I would do the two parts of middle King Street (Janneys to the Cedar, and TCW to Janneys) maybe the Van Dorn lanes, and maybe Cameron and Prince (and Royal?) For Arlington the new lanes on Wilson? Not sure what recent controversial lanes needing more ridership there are in the other jurisdictions.

    I am also open to the idea that this should not be done, because NIMBYs MIGHT accuse us of gaming the data. Though I presume bike counts are not being done during FS? I also realize that some people may ride in the general travel lanes on these segments, and there may no good way to exclude those - not sure if that would be so extensive that the whole thing wouldn't work, or just that some segments might need to be excluded. Or that the coding is harder than I think.

    At this stage, I am looking for general feedback. TIA.

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    Great idea. Do it.

    In Arlington:
    - Washington bn Sycamore and McKinley (assuming VDOT is done with the repaving; bonus points for taking the lane eastbound you-know-where)
    - Wilson bn Manchester and Emerson
    - N Quincy bn Fairfax Dr and Glebe (assuming the repaving happens; bonus points if don't ride on the section N of Fairfax to get there)
    - S Eads bn Army Navy and Glebe (i.e. the whole thing)
    - S Hayes bn 15th and where it becomes 18th
    - S 18th bn where it was Hayes to Eads
    - Crystal Dr bn 18th and Airport Access [correct me if I'm wrong on that one -- the "saved" bike lanes]

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    So, I came up with the Arlington Loop pointless prizes.

    I like your idea. I think you have 2 natural prizes: most total NIMBY segments ridden at least once (to get people to check out as many as possible); and most total rides on NIMBY segments (to encourage, e.g., commuters to adopt them).

    Couple of technical things:

    I don't know how many Strava segments an account may establish, especially if you are using a freebie. Or maybe there is a limit on trying to establish too many at once. All I know is I had some hiccups getting all 16 segments established for the Arlington Loop prizes. You might want to enlist a co-conspirator, I mean co-sponsor.

    You need segments going both ways, unless the infra is one-way only.

    Strava will not be able to tell the difference between using the infra or riding in the car lane. One of the Arlington Loop segments is on the W&OD where it runs next to Four Mile Run Drive, and you pick it up whether on the trail or on the street (at least westbound).

    The tech guys gave me a file with all FS participants and the count of times they rode each ArLoop segment. I supplied them with the segment ID numbers found in the URLs for the segments' Strava pages. So, I had to do a bit of manipulation of the data to count the loop completions.

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