Most of my default riding includes the crushed stone trails in the Volkspark Niddatal near our apartment in Frankfurt. This also happens to be a very popular park for dogs and their human companions, both on and off leash. Usually the off leash dogs are pretty well behaved. However, a couple weeks ago I was chased by an aggressive boxer type whose humans were on their bikes about 25 meters away. Then this morning a man was entering the park with three dogs, two large ones off leash and a small leashed dustmop. He was taunting the two off leash dogs with a ball and working his way towards the trail. One of the dogs was clearly really excited and bouncing around out of control. I was braking and getting ready to avoid, but he still crashed into my front wheel, luckily I stayed up. The dog's human gave me a half-hearted "Entschuldigen" as I pedaled off along the Nidda.