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Thread: I Heart Alexandria Loop - Group Ride Thursday, July 13

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    Default We Heart Alexandria!

    Thanks to everyone who came, and special thanks to komorebi and Elaine who came to Port City Brewery even though they didn't go on the ride!

    My 1.5-2 hour estimate proved to be way under as we got distracted and delayed by many extra stops along the way (mimosa trees along Eisenhower Ave Trail, boundary stone along Wilkes St, Wilkes St Tunnel fun, East Coast Greenway midpoint, Wayne F. Anderson Bikeway signs, Seminary Rd bridge ice swap, my special detour of tiny bridges on Russell Rd, and probably more). The ride ended up taking about 2 hours 45 minutes in total (we also started late), and we didn't get back to Port City until 9 p.m., just after they had shut off their taps, but not before we could buy some of their bottles. This was followed by some, ahem, not-so-legal drinking of said beers in an abandoned parking lot across the street (we couldn't drink on the Port City Brewery premises after they had closed) involving hiding said bottles when a cop passed by (we're true scofflaws).

    Here are the pics I took (Nadine and reji have many more):

    (left) Gotta do the ride before enjoying their beer! (right) Port City Brewing Company
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    (left) at the start of the ride; (right) exchanging ice on the Seminary Rd pedestrian bridge
    Click image for larger version. 

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    (left) Sunset approaching; (right) My special detour to show the cool handmade bridges (more have appeared since my last visit)
    Click image for larger version. 

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    (left) Got back to Port City after they shut off their taps, so we bought some of their beer and drank in a parking lot; (right) You will notice there are no pictures of me partaking in the illegal activity of drinking in public
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Default Great ride!

    Thanks again Bob for an awesome tour!

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