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Thread: testing a web app to report/view problems in your routes

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    Default testing a web app to report/view problems in your routes

    I’m new to the forum but have been cycling in the DC area for about 5 years. Formerly as a commuter, but now I mostly try to do a couple long-ish road rides a week.

    I’ve been working on a web app ( for cyclists to report problems in their routes - think surface conditions, trail closures, construction blocking a bike lane, events, or weather (e.g., streets are clear of snow, but trail might be covered or re-freezing).

    Long-term, I have some features and functionality in mind to make this a better experience. But I think step one is getting users to input the data. So far, the items below are (mostly) functional in the app:
    • Users can report issues with inputs for category, severity, description, and images
    • Issues display on the map
    • Users can upvote and comment on issues
    • Currently, only the user who added an issue can resolve/remove it (still need to think through the best way to make this community driven for timeliness and accuracy)

    It’s definitely still in early stages of user testing, getting feedback and iterating. If you get a chance to test it out, I would love any and all feedback, suggestions, or for you to try reporting problems you come across. URL is - mobile version is likely still pretty buggy, but it should be OK in a desktop browser.

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