So, whether you regularly ride down 4 Mile Run or only just started this week, you should definitely consider giving input on plans that will definitely impact your safe use of the trail.
The entire email from ArlCo Department of Parks and Recreation is copied below complete with links.
Couple thoughts---doesn't look like the Charlie Fox ramp plus stairs going down to the trail is being addressed (how many of you have to use that as part of your commute or have had close calls with persons using it?) and the proposal to have water access is likely to create conflict with dogs from the dog park above running across the trail to play in the water.

Anyway, be safe out there and remember that this is an opportunity for you to do something proactive to ensure your continued safe use of the trail.


Hello, Arlington County is in the process of developing a Park Master Plan for the open space informally called “South Park.” After a series of public meetings, we have developed three draft park concepts for the community to evaluate. The three concepts were developed based on community feedback, guidance from the Four Mile Run Restoration Master Plan and Design Guidelines, careful consideration of the site constraints and sensitive environmental areas, need for improved pedestrian/bicycle circulation, and the projected budge. An online feedback form is available to help gather additional input:
The online feedback form allows the community to ‘vote’ for their preferred park concept plan. If you want a closer look at the 3 concept plans, and additional context as to how they were developed, please refer to the most recent presentation:

The survey will be available until 11 p.m. on Wednesday May 31. The next public meeting will provide a summary of the survey results and feature 1 draft park concept plan for the community to evaluate. This meeting will be in late June or early July, notifications will be sent once the date is finalized. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you!

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