I'll get this thread going ...

Pit stops stopped at this am:
Vienna - Still setting up at about 6:20
Falls Church (Unofficial) - Conte's Bike Shop
Falls Church (Official)
East Falls Church - Metro
Rosslyn - No golden ticket for me this year , but the blue ticket still got me a bell And I got the second annual Rosslyn socks. Hopefully, they'll go for a different color next year ...?
Georgetown - Great baked goods!
NatGeo - Didn't win the drawing

All in all, a good morning! I picked up a bunch of swag (including maps, a water bottle, blinky lights and the bell) for a colleague who plans to try bike commuting. Did anyone else sense a theme of cold-brewed coffee? I had way too much, and expect to be wired for the rest of the day. Sure tasted good, though.