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Thread: Right Hook King St at Upland, Alexandria

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    Not much on that specifically. He did, however, talk about a possible new reporting system that would replace the current Call.Click.Connect system, but my memory of the details on that including their affect on a case like yours/mine/Casey's are a bit hazy. The purpose of the new chief's presence at the BPAC meeting was more of a big listening tour of different community and neighborhood groups that he had been doing for the 12 weeks since his arrival; he's been taking input instead of making any policy decisions so far. Hopefully this issue will be resolved in the process.

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    It makes no sense to me that $1,500 in property damage would trigger a report, but $1,500 in personal injury would not. And if you went to the hospital, there is no way you escaped with less than a $1,500 bill.

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